How Long For Clean Urine?

NOTE: This is a guide only and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate in all cases. The information, though taken from NUAA’s publication “User’s News”, originally came from a pharmaceutical manufacturer (ADIS), so it should be fairly reliable! Different people will get different results because of their different metabolic rates. Do not assume that the shortest time frame given will give you a clean test, it may take more or less time, also, all sorts of substances can interfere with the test, the most obvious being bread with poppyseed!!


                  Opium                                                    1 - 2 days

                 Morphine                                               1 - 2 days

                 Codeine                                                1 - 2 days

                 Heroin                                                   1 - 2 days

                Methadone                                            5 - 10 days


               Alcohol                                                  18 - 36 hours

               Barbiturates (eg.Nembutal)              2 - 10 days

               Benzodiazepines (eg.valium)            1 - 6 weeks

               Methaqualone (Quaaludes)              2 weeks


              Cocaine                                                2 - 4 days

              Amphetamines                                   1 - 2 days

             Methylphenidate (Ritalin)                  1 - 2 days

             Nicotine                                                 2 - 4 days


             LSD                                                         8 hours
             Mescaline                                              2 - 3 days

             Phencyclidine (PCP)                           2 - 8 days

             Amphetamine variants –                    8 - 24 hours
                        DMA, MDA, MDMA      

Grass & Hash: [*]

              Marijuana                                               up to 11 weeks

              Hash Oil                                                 up to 11 weeks

              Block Hash                                            up to 11 weeks

              Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC)              up to 11 weeks


[*] Using pot more than once a week may be detected in urine for up to 11 weeks (that’s almost 3 months!). Therefore, based on this premise, one can assume that the less frequently you use it, the faster it will leave your body (some friends doing medical trials in the U.K., can be extremely good money testing different pharmacuticals e.g Diazepam, would have to refrain from smoking for AT LEAST 3 months to get past the pretrial tests!