Clean Water

What should I use?

If you can’t get hold of any sterile water, use the following list as a guide. The order goes from best to worst.

   1.Sterile ampoules (from a needle exchange or chemist).

   2.Distilled water (from a chemist). 

   3.Bottled water. Buy a good uncarbonated (no bubbles) brand like Evian. Buy the smallest size bottle you can, keep it in the fridge and don’t drink it. Don’t use it for injecting after it’s been open for 24 hours or more.

   4. Boiled Tap Water. Boil for at least 10 minutes in a saucepan that has been thoroughly cleaned and is preferably made from stainless steel or glass (eg. Pyrex). Don’t use water that’s been boiled in a jug as they cannot be effectively cleaned, most switch off when they start to boil and there are lots that you can’t even see into!

   5.Unboiled tap water.  Not recommended. Apart from the chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that get added to it, there will still be microbes and other greeblies present that the eye can’t see...
   6.If you have a blue bacterial filter (0.20 microns) you can use it to sterilise any tap or bottled water.  

Note:  This water hierarchy has not been scientifically tested. Bacteria levels and the consequences of injecting them are not known, so if you don’t have access to sterile ampoules, use the next best water source available.