DHDP Objectives
To give a high quality of service regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexual identity, drug use, social status, health status or disability.

To treat clients with courtesy, consideration and professional care and out respect to their feelings and dignity

To deal with all matters with the utmost confidentiality.

To provide services in a safe and friendly environment free of intimidation, threats, harassment and abuse.

To reduce the spread of HIV and other BBV's (Blood Borne Viruses) through education , information and other strategies.

To provide education to People Who Inject Drugs (PWID's).
To promote community awareness of HIV and other BBV (Blood Borne Virus) infection. Educate on the best methods of risk reduction, harm avoidance and living with infection and those infected with BBV's (Blood Borne Virus's)

To promote the rights of people infected by HIV and other BBV (Blood Borne Virus), and assist them in accessing the proper medical care free of discrimination.

To provide information, education, support and advice to PWID's and ex PWID's, their partners and family / whanau.

To network and co-operate with other organisations working with those infected with  HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis and other BBV's which have similar objectives or that are sympathetic to DHDP's aims.

To Provide facilities for the safe disposal of used injecting equipment.
Client Responsibilities
To co-operate with DHDP staff and treat them with the consideration, respect and dignity due to  persons during the normal execution of their duties in a manner free at all times from verbal, mental or physical abuse and the threat of violence.

Consider the rights, privacy and safety of others accessing the service.

Respect the property of DHDP and the property of others accessing the service.

Always return used injecting equipment to DHDP for safe disposal.

Always use new injecting equipment every time you inject and assist us in reducing the spread of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis and other BBV's (Blood Borne Virus's).

Do not participate in activities or behavior that would endanger DHDP its staff or other members of the community. (Like failing to dispose of used injecting equipment safely).

Understand the consequences of using non-sterile injecting equipment or having unsafe or unprotected sex.

Understand your condition, know the best methods of maintaining your health and well-being and engaging in activities with the minimum of risk and potential of harm to both yourself and the others around you.