All syringes sold by DHDP are sterile, non-pyrogenic (won't give you a fever) and come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. They are all intended to be used once only. Most syringes will have a cost unless you have used syringes that you are returning, in which case you will receive a discount. Each syringe and needle costs 50 cents or more ( .50c for 3mls). We are also currently running the 1.4.1 scheme which means that for every returned needle/ syringe you can get 1 free 3ml and 1 needle. The sizes available are listed below. See our price list for exact prices for each syringe size.

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Information about syringes/barrels

1ml with and without needle These are made for diabetics to use and can have a needle already attached to them, either a 27 or a 29 gauge. We also supply them as slip-on, so that clients can choose their own needles. These are best used for powdered drugs that require only a small amount of fluid, such as Heroin and/or Speed. To reduce the chance of infection, make sure you use sterile water and a wheel (or needle) filter.

 This is the most commonly exchanged syringe in New Zealand. They are mostly used for drugs that get cooked up, eg. MST’s, poppies and pills. Again, make sure you use a wheel or needle filter to filter your drugs, and sterile water to mix with, but don’t put your wheel filter on the end of a 3ml barrel because the pressure will be too much and your drugs might “explode” all over the place! The size of filter you need will depend on what sort of drugs you are using. See the section on Wheel Filters.

5ml These are handy for those larger amounts of fluid that wont quite fit into a 3ml fit, eg. poppies. They are also recommended for use with a wheel filter. Use them for mixing up too, as they are easy to identify and wont get mixed up with any skungey old fit that’s lying around and might have been used by anybody.  

10ml Great for mixing up and dividing the fluid between 3ml fits. Also the best size to use with a wheel filter. You can also use them for administering larger amounts of fluid, but, if this is the case, use a butterfly on the end because the risk of popping a vein is greater with the larger size barrels. This is due to the increased volume of fluid being forced through whatever gauge needle you have in your arm, which, in turn, increases the amount of pressure in the fit and makes it more difficult to keep steady.  

20ml, 30ml, 50ml  Again, great for mixing and measuring. These are most commonly used for administering large amounts of fluid that cannot be boiled down (or for those in a hurry with no access to a stove!). Methadone is the most common drug used in these size barrels. A 0.20 micron or a 0.45 micron wheel filter is recommended for filtering methadone. For best results, use a new filter for every 50ml of ‘done. Remember that the 0.20 micron filters are the only ones that will remove bacteria, and that most chemists use tap water to fill up the Methadone bottles, so there’s bound to be bacteria present.

Syringes that we supply

General Purpose

BD 50ml Plastipak Syringe

BD 30ml Plastipak Syringe

BD 20ml Precise Syringe

BD 10ml Syringe

BD 5ml Syringe

BD 3ml Syringe


Specific Purpose

BD Insulin Syringe 1ml 27g 1/2" (0.41mm x 12.7mm)

BD Ultra-Fine 1ml 29g 1/2" (0.33mm x 12.7mm)
BD 1ml Tuberculin Syringe